Downtown Get-Around

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Hop Aboard

Known as the “Downtown Get-Around,” the eight-person club car will service the area of the historic Gainesville square starting Wednesday, June 9. The free service will be available most afternoons and evenings throughout the week, making it more convenient for visitors to access downtown restaurants and retailers, plus City events.

Downtown Get-Around drivers will continuously loop the square and downtown area in search of passengers, who may hail the Get-Around or wait to be picked up at the Main Street Parking Deck, Hall County Parking Facility or marked 5-minute loading areas, for example.

The service, exclusive to downtown, is the City’s latest effort to help restaurants and retailers on the square maintain their customer base while economic development projects unfold nearby. Currently under construction are Gainesville Renaissance, a mixed-use development featuring planned retail and office spaces, plus lofts, on the fourth side of the square; the Gainesville North Parking Deck, located at 100 Brenau Ave.; the Gainesville Downtown Streetscape Improvements Project, currently on Bradford Street; and The National, a new hotel planned on the site of the former First National Bank building.

Downtown Get-Around will be free for all riders, whether residents of Gainesville or visitors.

Main Street Parking Deck is located at 301 Main St. across from the Carroll Daniel Construction building and the Hall County Parking Facility, 225 Green St. SE next to the Gainesville Administration Building. Should the Get-Around be unavailable at the time of your visit, both decks are within walking distance to the square.

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